Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Williams - liar and a bag man

Stuff has a rolling story from the Owen Glenn Press Conference

LATEST: Billionaire Owen Glenn has slammed Prime Minister Helen Clark at a press conference in Auckland this morning.
"She is very self serving," he said.
"I wouldn't want her in the trenches next to me."
Asked if he would support Labour in future, he replied: "I am not exactly cheering for Labour now, not when they turn the dogs on you."
He said he was so disgusted with his treatment that at one point he wanted to return his Order of New Zealand.
But he decided to keep it as Queen Elizabeth had granted him that, not the government.
He a lively exchange he said Labour Party chairman Mike Williams is a liar and a bagman for the party.
"Mr William's is wrestling with the truth," he has told a press conference.
He introduced his executive secretary Laura Ede to say she will sign an affidavit saying she put in the cell phone call to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.
He regretted now giving $100,000 to New Zealand First.
He said that amount of money would have fed three million people through his charity foundation in India.
The press conference is continuing.

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