Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Winston Gone

Well that was a bit of a damp squib - I'M gobsmacked he didn't have more crap to spin but perhaps Winston's attention is on far weightier issues. Remember this is a side show - the real action still rests with the SFO, the police and to a lesser extent the Electoral commission.

So whats still to be answered?

Where were Winnies Lawyers?

Are they over doing Pro bono?

Whats in the NZ First bank accounts?

Why did Winnie pay money back to MFat after a side trip to Las Vegas and who did he meet there ?

Can people hear Vela laughing all the way from Geneva?

Who is and what does Tommy Gear do ?

Is the PM a lying cow?

Why does Winnie support boxing?

Anyone eaten scampi and not had indigestion lately?

Is Onassis laughing up in the clouds?

Are there enough old tena pad wearers who still believe in Winston to get him back into parliament again?

Can Winston hear the clink of prison keys when he lays his head down at night?

Where is the best place for the Roarprawns to have a party?

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