Wednesday, 10 September 2008

wonderful side show - but bigger fish to fry.

The Owen Glenn donation saga has been a wonderful side show to the main game and thats corruption.

Winston will be sacked - either late tonight or tomorrow depending on when the vote for the ETS legislation is taken.

All the Glenn privileges saga has shown is that Winston is a liar.

The Serious Fraud office and the police and the electoral commission will prove corruption.

A couple of predictions - it will emerge that Philip Vela has been running the whole show.

So what did Winston do to piss the big guy off. Or was Vela just sick of a Labour government and wanted a change and just felt like seeing if he could make it happen?

You see Vela was well known in the seafood industry for being a power broker -

He was one of the most influentual members of what was known as the G10 - a group that existed but didn't - because COMMCOMM could have had a go at them for collusionary practicies.

And while the heat of the next few days will be centred around the donations scandal , it is to be hoped that the paper trail indicates what we all knew a few years back - and that was Winnie got cash for changing the course of the scampi inquiry.

So this saga wont just stop with the resignation of Winston Peters - it has only just started...

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