Sunday, 12 October 2008


You know we are in for a rought financial ride when Don Brash, is renting rather than
" investing" in property...

In this article in the Herald he is almost prone to black humour...

Queen Bee rightly points out that this a pivotal day with calls for deposit insurance and information on how to overcome depression if things get tough in our Sunday papers.
Both leaders are launching their campaigns today. What they say and do will be important to our nation.
Meanwhile Bustedblonde and the Aussie Rock have a practical response to the impending financial crapfest.
We have planted a vege garden , and done a deal with a local farmer for ongoing meat in return for grazing. We have the river at our backs and the wind in our face and we will weather whatever comes at us..

And by the way - Like QB I notice that some of the comments on some posts are getting nasty.
I write my stuff on this blog for me and anyone who wants to read it. If you dont like it write your own.
I dont moderate because I believe in free speech .
And I dont come from the school of elegance and niceness like QueenBee - my approach to matters is much more akin to Hootons..

In short you dont scare me but with 20 years of filed info as a journo and a few other interesting occupations over the years, I may well be able to scare you.


pdm said...

I had you down as more like Whale Oil.

bustedblonde said...

whale oil is soft city boy who would die if stood in sheep shit.