Saturday, 11 October 2008


two polls have put the shits up National and it couldn't have come at a better time. National for all its intellectual depth but the recent polls have made them look complacent and they cant afford to be.

Key is still the preferred Prime Minister and this election will largely be presidential in style. Key is the horse to back - without a doubt his understanding of the global economy is what we need need to fight the tide of red ink flowing our way from far shores.

Roarprawn thinks that Gareth Morgan is one of the greater economists of our time and his warning a week ago was that New Zealand would be "Unbelievably exposed"

We reckon that this country is still ticking along thinking things are tickety boo and that all this financial stuff will just impact on the rich.

It wont , we will have a very very tough time of it - that is becoming clearer by the day.

We hear some stats around Wellingtons unemployment are going to make for some grim reading in the next few days.

We will be hit by the global financial crisis and we need a leader who understands the markets and is prepared to make the tough calls to keep our country safe from the ill winds that are about to buffet us.


Lee C said...

And the complete ass-whupping that National just took in the media this week, compounded by very little indication that they have anything proactive to say about the present looming issues?

Pique Oil said...

Sadly what we are seeing is like battered wife syndrome.
The sheeple of Godzone are worried that the nasty recession is roaring down like a tsunami, and the only safe pair of hands are the ones that have held the whip for the last nine years. At least they know how deep the welts will be. Those pleasant people in the blue corner, might use tasers,or god forbid the cane.
Safer to go back to the abuser and not risk it!