Monday, 20 October 2008


Just because we like rightish politics doesn't mean we like all National Party MP's.

We don't like Williamson because he is a Burk.

Can someone bend him over the nearest hording and boot his arse?

We don't want to see anymore headlines like this


Anonymous said...

I had the displeasure of hearing this halfwit on the Radio coming home just now.

I cannot beleive this guy hasn't been shakeled to a post in someones back paddock.

Bloody idiot!


While this is fair comment, we should remeber Liarbour has virtully the same policy.
Liarbour has delivered toll roads already.
Just over the hill from my home the diggers are working away on the AlpurtB2 Extension, due open early next year.
And Liarbour is to toll the Waterview Tunnel as well.
True, from a campaign point of view Muarice's comments do not help.
But Liarbour's toll road policy is about the same.
They are on this particular issue, to coin a phrase, National-lite.

Anonymous said...

Not my favourite National MP either BB. I will always remember Williamson as Minister who was responsible for taking away our lifetime drivers licences which was one reason why National lost the 1999 election.

Anonymous said...

Stop wingeing. We in Tauranga have had a toll road forever and without it we would have a gridlock worse than Auckland, not a prospect that we actually relish. It is the best road around here.
And I might point out that we built our own Harbour Bridge with tolls and had it not been for Jonny come lately Jaffa's and Labour policy we would have had even better roads at a lot less cost the the city ratepayers.
As it is city ratepayers pay for the roads out of towner's and county rate payers are not charged a single cent for. Totally outrageous subsidy of others costs by city ratepayers.
Roll on toll roads even at $5.00
Being nice doesn't mirror reality.
Being factual allows better decisions and if discussion on tolls spooks the horses then the Nats. have failed dismally to get their message across. Could that be because the leadership is not seen as one of conviction but wishy washy.
I too want a change both of Govt. and policy.
We have to have discussion about a lot of things and it just ain't happening with this election.

Anonymous said...

The implication of what you say is that it's better not to tell the truth, but rather hide what National are really going to do, just so they can get into power.