Sunday, 12 October 2008


Bustedblondes parents are tooling around in their motorhome - affectionately known as Bugsy's Burrow, somewhere on the West Coast.

Little Sis got a bit panicky when she couldnt raise them on their mobile.

But they called in tonight . They are, as usual having a ball,

And after five nights away they have had , eels, trout, crayfish, venison and whitebait. They got the venison after dad sorted someones TV out , and some whitebiat because they didnt catch much but a nice coaster gave them a big feed .

They will undoubtedly catch some flounder and probably score some paua as well. And they will catch some salmon ( if its the season ) as well.

And chuck in a feed of mussels as a fair bet.

They pretty much go away with veges from their garden , mums fantastic preserves and some lamb from my uncle..

Its not bad when the old boy is 73 and mum is 68 and full of arthritis has a steel knee and pins in her back.

Anyway - Its the hospitality they get and give in return that is the hallmark of this fair land - long may it stay that way.

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