Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Homepaddock has had her laptop nicked.

Read the story here . The Christchurch police know who did it. They just cant find him. His name is :
Daniel Morgan. aka Daniel Barr and Daniel Erickson.

Anyway the Christchurch police are obviously much more diligent than the Masterton police.

Interestingly the Masterton police, nearly a year later have asked us if we want to charge the thief...

Crusher Collins has a ways to go to sort out the coppers in the wine province.

So we hope HomePaddock gets some justice quicker than we did.


homepaddock said...

Thanks, BB - I'm very impressed with the police work.

K said...

Material property theft gets low priority. Ask any burglary victim. It was suggested to us the 'we get on with our lives'... I supplied serial numbers and photos of the stolen property but no results(yet).