Monday, 8 February 2010


We have been open in supporting Whale Oil in his bid to get some movement on the laws governing supression. They are being misused. We are sure of that. And last week a case which saw a judge put a blanket suppression order on a citizen who has downloaded kiddy porn shows that it really is time for the government to sort this issue out.

The Manawatu Evening Standard
has socked it to the Judge for being a liberal wanker and protecting a criminal.

What ever happened to protecting society???!!!

And today the Maori Party
came out against the Judges ruling.

We agree and its time to lend support to the Site that is central to the campaign SHAME

we have put a widget up linking directly to SHAME - we urge all bloggers to do the same...

Hail to the Whale!!!!

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Keeping Stock said...

He sure does BB - there's anaggravating factor in this case too which you might be interested in: