Thursday, 18 September 2008

Fonterra the heros in growing tainted milk scandal?

The bigger the milk scandal gets the more that people will realise that Fonterra raised this issue and got China to act. - now over 20 companies are involved and the milk has been sent to many countries.

this from the Herald

The snowballing crisis was "gut-wrenching", Mr Ferrier said.
Fonterra was not counting the cost of the crisis on its 43 per cent stake in the Chinese company San Lu, which made the contaminated products.
"We're not sitting here counting money, we're sitting here just making sure we do the right thing.
"Fonterra wants to do whatever it can to help the situation in China.
"Right now, we understand the Chinese Government has stepped in and is looking after the health of the children.
"We will see ... if there's something else we can do."


mrs makepeace said...

I wonder if the Walermelon Party will be issuing a withdrawal of their attack on Fonterra for not acting earlier...

Won't be holding my breath.

bustedblonde said...

very true - they were definitely caught between the devil and the deep milk sea.