Sunday, 14 September 2008

Smoke fish not people

Its a well known fact I can catch, fillet and smoke my own fish and serve up a pretty good scoff.

- what is not so well known is the fact that I am very anti human smoking - have been for years.

I am saddened, that after years of battling nicotine addiction, my father will sooner or later succumb to some sort of cancer or condition related to his addiction.

So as I'm working in the health sector at the moment, I have had the chance to be a bit of an advocate for the anti tobacco cause.

Currently this government is looking at banning tobacco displays - something I'm keen to see no matter who's at the helm - its not a nanny state issue - its about kids health.

I don't see much use in chucking millions at people like my father but I do see real sense in doing every bloody thing we can to prevent our kids taking up this addiction.

Any way - I put the seed of an idea to the SUNDAY current affairs programme -

They screened part one - a good piece last week on Scottish entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne's story on what the devious shits BAT ( British American tobacco ) were up to in Nigeria.. It is a programme well worth watching. Here is a copy of the video - take a look. Bannatyne is great eye candy - and came to prominence on the BBC's Dragons den series.

Nothing like exposing a company for its duplicity especially if you are already a successful rich bastard and he showed that BAT's actions in Africa are in contravention of its own corporate responsibility mantra of do no harm to kids.

I don't hate all big companies but i don't like devious duplicitous ones that kill kids slowly.

Tonight Sunday will be screening a piece on what is happening here in New Zealand.

So you see Busted Blonde is NOT a single issue chick!

There is more to life than prawns and Winston, fishing, farming, sex, kids, bluff oysters, politics etc....

So watch the programme if you have time - and tell me your thoughts

Sunday TV1 7.30..

cheers BB


homepaddock said...

Sock it to them, BB.

If there's ever a place for state intervention in private habits it's with smoking to protect non-smokers and stop people taking up the habit in the first place.

alex Masterley said...

Yup, Can't agree more. I stopped the gaspers in 1978. But the irony is I do enjoy the odd, and generally it is annual, cigar especially when my sons were born. Mind you I was monumentally pissed at the time.
Had some put by in case Dean won in Valencia but that did not come to pass. May be the cigars and the Laphroig on 8 November? And some fireworks?
I hope.

bustedblonde said...

I will be pious and have a chocolate cigar - dark chocolate of course!


I fully agree BB.
I hate nannying government but smoking is evil.
I have seen the damage it has caused to close people I know.
And there's the financial cost too.
I will neve date another smoker again.
It's just so unsexy but a smoker will never have the funds to take you to dinner when they have blown off their cash on fags.

Pique Ol said...

I don't want the govt to interfere under the pretext of protecting non smokers. If they are sincere in their desire to protect, then make tobacco illegal or prescription only. Allowing this to be a special case is allowing the bastards to further control what is left of our lives.
For the record I am a reformed nicotine addict for the last thirty years, but I want a lot less govt intervention in my life. And Aunty has told us it is all about trust, or the lack thereof.

O'Brien said...

... someone with an ironical sense of humour once said that tobacco was the the redman's revenge on whitemen