Tuesday, 13 October 2009


ACC entitlements are long overdue for a good prune. We had a bit of a donnybrook with Ma last night when she exclaimed that ACC was paying out entitlements to the dependents of those who had topped themselves. Not possible we scoffed.

However its true. ACC has become a defacto Social Welfare Department and we are paying dearly for it. Labours mis management has increased the liability to a point where it is no longer sustainable.

Its really a big maxed out credit card.

So we hope that the Nats do away with all the fluffy feel good add ons that Labour clipped to the scheme.

And if New Zealanders are angry that they will have to face bigger levies then the best way they can show their anger is not voting for Labour ever again. They are the ones who put the frilly stuff on the ACC credit card so that it ended up being maxed out.

So - no more stress payouts, no more suicide payouts.
Minor injuries should no longer be covered and the first Doctors visit should be paid by the patient.

And there should be a serious tightening up on the snake oil dispensing the lords of feel good , physios.

So we expect to see some seriously ballsy cuts to services. It has to be done and good on chair John Judge for having the balls to stand up and say enough is enough.

If they can arrest the blow out now then the scheme will be sustainable in the long run to ensure that those who need assistance get it.


Anonymous said...

you're starting to sound like a real US right wing nutcase

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the Nats will do away with the fluffy stuff?

gravedodger said...

So anonymouse hides among all the other anonymice and takes a pot shot, just as well he/she can't shoot.
Welcome back to the grindstone B B and thanks for the nostalgic word pictures from beautiful central it sure is awesome aint it.
You are not joking about toppers of selfs resulting in ACC claims are you. No that is certainly not a joke. The only thing remotely close to an accident with them is when they miss.
ACC is one ungodly mess and whether this govt has the balls to really make a difference to its disfunction, I have serious doubts. Most of the add ons from the socialists should be consigned to the tip tomorrow and I will pay the freight.