Monday, 26 October 2009


We are ensconced on the Masterton to Wellington train.It is bloody hot, the carriages have sat in the sun all day - and by our reckoning it is a parching 27 - 28 deg. Now every carriage has a drink station. But guess what ? no bloody cups. We asked the conductor who says that this train doesn't have the right carriages to have cups. We don't know what the hell that means but when we arrived at 4.20 and got on the train early ( it leaves at 4.50) there were four train blokes standing around with their digits up there arses. What would it have taken them to ensure there were a few cups. It is very uncomfortable especially for older folk.

Today we also have buses from Upper Hutt. That is inevitable from time to time for track maintenence but the buses have to be the most foul buses in the whole country. We are sure they have been used to truck incontinent rest home residents, sweaty rugby players and vomiting pub crawlers and possibly all at once. They really are the worst buses we have ever travelled on. It will be interesting to see if they are used again tonight.


Libertyscott said...

Given Michael Cullen had taxpayers pay for these new secondhand trains, and Wellington ratepayers (and people's fuel tax) subsidise them, it's quite disgraceful. However, I suspect Kiwirail knows it has that subsidy from the GWRC in the bag so doesn't need to make any effort.

Vunit said...

Nastiest buses I've ever been on.