Friday, 23 October 2009


How silly is this... The only thing the
Families Commission does of note is run the successful White Ribbon anti Domestic Violence Awareness campaign.

Now they also back the Super Maori Fullas who are strong champions for anti violence. But who the hell thought that a government agency should stick out a press release highlighting the fact that the Super Maori Fullas were going to ride to Wellington to complain about a hike in ACC bike levies?

More bizzare behaviour from the feel good flossies at the Families Commission. DUH!

Bike Riders have busy November

Bike Riders throughout New Zealand have confirmed that they will participate in two rides during a busy November.

Motorcyclists are preparing to converge on Parliament next month to express their concerns about the proposed increases to ACC levies and a week later, take part in the first National White Ribbon Ride being organised by the Families Commission, Super Maori Fullas and the Patriot Motorcycle Club.
Shane Henry, former soldier and Patriot Motorcycle Club member, says “many riders I’ve spoken to are looking forward to a busy November. It’s the traditional start of the riding season with the onset of better riding weather.”

“While we are all concerned at the proposed increase in ACC charges, we are committed to riding for the benefit of others by taking part in the White Ribbon Ride. Our members want to stand up and say that violence to women is not OK. This is a message that we are passionate about,” says Shane.

The Patriots are all former or serving members of the New Zealand Defence Forces. Shane Henry says, “ New Zealand is seen as a peacekeeping nation and our members have a background of serving their country. We now want to play a part in reducing violence in our own neck of the woods. That’s why we are supporting the White Ribbon Ride. I just want to say to all motorcycle riders, join us on the White Ribbon Ride and let us show the country that we can unite and support this great cause.”

The White Ribbon leaves from Westpac Stadium in Wellington following four routes up the North Island . The four rides will visit over 35 towns and cities across the North Island picking up riders on their way north. At many of the ‘meet and greet’ locations, events have been planned and the public will have the opportunity to meet the riders.

Men throughout New Zealand who wish to join the White Ribbon Ride should visit to register.

Avid rider Mike King says, “I’m looking forward to taking my Harley Davidson on the White Ribbon Ride. It’s an opportunity for men to pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women, and this is one ride that I’m not going to miss.”

“As a comedian and performer I’ve always been lucky that I get paid to do things I enjoy, so work and fun are often combined. On the White Ribbon Ride I get to ride my Harley and stand up for something I believe in.”
“Growing up I was taught by my father never to hit girls and I have passed this message on to my son and my nephews. In our whanau there is a zero tolerance level for violence of any sort towards women!"

“I also have two lovely daughters and I want them and their potential boyfriends to know that violence against women is not OK. I’m proud to take part in this ride and look forward to meeting other men who are willing to stand up and be counted. Not that I will be standing while riding my bike. Would be a shame to see my ACC premiums rise!”

Statistics in New Zealand
• An average of 14 women a year are killed by their partners or ex partners.
• There are over 3500 convictions recorded against men each year for assaults on women.
• One in three women will experience partner violence at some point in their lives.

Update: spotted by the eagled eyed Hong Kong harridan - White Ribbon is also sponsored by ... yip ACC.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A bullet would be more economical than a smack.

Madeleine said...

True but an axe would be more PC...