Saturday, 3 October 2009


We were at the the World Of Wearable Arts last night with the Arty Prawn. It was a fantastic show. The Topp Twins opened proceedings and manage to engage the audience in a nanosecond. The sets and costumes were probably the best we have seen but the choreography while edgy seemed to lack continuity.. There didn't seem to be a story as we have had in previous years.

We think that the Supreme Winner was worthy of the title. Just goes to show what you can do in long nights up in Alaska if you like whittling with wood.

We had superb seats thanks to Shell.

We started the night at Shed Five and we are glad to see that on Friday Night it is back to being venue for grown ups. Mein Host the effervescent Stephen Overend is, to coin a Cactusism, Faabulous.

Arty Prawn loved the evening, we hope it will inspire her to create some more fabulous works.

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Blondini Gang said...

Arty Prawn indeed enjoyed the evening! Her faves were the Janet Bathgate entry (winner of the Pacific section) & the glitter cowboys. Yee har!