Sunday, 4 October 2009


Chris Hipkins is trumpeting an OIA that shows that 39 staff in the Beehive are being paid more than $100k.

So bloody what? If they don't do a good job they get kicked out the door real quick. And considering that the popularity of the government has been sustained post election for much longer than any other administration, the government obviously hired some of the best and brightest.
It's not an easy job. They live on their blackberries when not in the office.
We know what the hours are like - 60 - 70 hour weeks are not unusual but wet behind the ears little twerps like Hipkins wouldn't know that.
Labour only paid 16 of its top staff over $100,000 according to Hipkins - and it showed at the last election when they lost.

And at the end of the day the Nats have spent less over all.


alex Masterley said...

Wouldn't want to work there for
anything less than than 150K.
Hipkins is a prat.

Anonymous said...

Hipkins is having a good try at spinning the story, and given the headline belies the real story he might also have made some good friends among the journos.
The payroll totals clearly showed Labour spent about an extra $311k (Nats this year $13,008,803: Labour last year $13,319,768).
Working the stats, Labour had 162 staffers earning $82,220 on average. National had 161 staffers earning $80,800.
Yep, Hipkins is showing himself to be up there with the best in Labour, mangling the facts.