Saturday, 17 October 2009


Yip. a fair few of us round the Wellington traps have been thinking what Fran has so deftly and bluntly written this morning.. Key and his government need better management.

No more cluster fucks. The country can't afford them.
Simple.. Read her column at the Herald here


Just my opinion said...

Hear hear. The Nats are not actually making any grand scale policy shifts that is required to pull us away from what Helen did.

This incarnation of the National Party is not a one term wonder, so they must take advantage of this and put policy in place so that we are not in this situation again. Curtailing Labour and their mad spending habits for the future should be a big part of this National Party.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'd have to agree. There appears to be a considerable lack of management.

I simply do not understand why Smith is pussy footing around with ACC. As Ms O'Sullivan rightly says - they have a mandate for the introduction of competition. For goodness sake, get on with it and push it through with ACT's votes. Open it up. Get rid of a good number of Labour's welfare benefits lately inflicted upon ACC but leave enough in there (a few) to give Dr Sharples something to boast about on the marae.

Sally said...

How many years did National have in opposition to be ready? No excuse for these shoddy carry ons.

As one letter writer wrote "DonKey needs to hire better spindoctors."