Saturday, 3 October 2009


Patrick Gower wrote an interesting yarn his morning on the rise and rise of Steven Joyce. He is on the money. As is Fran O'sullivan. And is Transtasman. Keys appears to be about to line this country up for some big changes. He relies on Joyce. Joyce has delivered as we have seen with broadband and transport. English has since the election stumbled here and there and many party insiders question his absolute loyalty to Key.

Labour sees English as a wounded animal after the Ministerial Housing debacle. He did himself no favours..

So with the governments rise in popularity will we see Key and Joyce along with Brownlie, Groser, McCully, and Finlayson who all understand the transformational changes required to get this country moving at pace, starting to rev things up a bit?

If they do, we think that English's long term position is at risk as he does not have the same strategic sense as Key and Joyce and there is still the question of his loyalty that currently rests on a sand wall built by the the promise that he keeps finance and the Deputy PM positions.

The cynics would say that if Labour continue to pick on English then that could ultimately speed up the transformation agenda.

The tranformational change we need is Keys game to play. He needs to start playing it soon.


Anonymous said...

"Joyce has delivered as we have seen with broadband"...? I must have missed that part.

Anonymous said...

And "the government's rise in popularity" ...? I missed that one too.

But the knives are out for Bill English, didn't miss that....