Friday, 9 October 2009


Questions of the day.

How often does Sue Kedgley visit her twinnie sister and does she use her snapper card?

Does Women's Affairs have the biggest taxi bill of any government department per capita?

When are the rich and famous in Auckland going to start owning the P problem and do something about it?

Who paid for Chris Carters trip to Samoa and how much did he achieve?

Isn't Trevor Mallard a great blogger?

Isn't it fabulous to have Jock Anderson back in the saddle at NBR?

Anyone sick of Whitebait yet?


Cactus Kate said...

"rich and famous"?

"P" makes them broke and infamous.

In that way, it's the "perfect solution" and cures itself.

pdm said...

`Isn't Trevor Mallard a great Blogger'.

He might be if he could take criticism and refrain from banning anyone who challenges his views.

gravedodger said...

Agreed pdm , for a thickhead bully he has a very thin skin. Perhaps a date with Shane Cameron's surgeon to try and prevent his tendency to cut and bleed.