Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Today has been an extraordinary day in NZ history. We have never made any secret of the fact that we believed that the last election offered our country the first real chance to unite our nation. John Key delivered our aspirations when he brokered a deal with the Maori Party.

Now it was never going to be a case of happy families. It was more of a blended family unit. Step brothers and sisters. Both parties were from different backgrounds but they were essentially " good people"and they wanted to get on together.

Now in any family you get scraps, arguments and in as with any close relationships, you tend to take things for granted. You say stuff and expect that everyone understands everything instantly.

That's pretty much what happened with the Maori Party Maori Television bid for the rugby world cup delayed coverage. They thought their step bros had understood what they were up to.

Problem was their step bros didn't pay as much attention to the bid as they should have.

Then when things got all pear shaped - arse covering was the default play. Chuck in obfuscation,
and stir in a bit of " it was their fault not ours " and then there was sand flying, and a bit of biffo.

And the uppity wankers from down the road - TVNZ and TV3 saw there was a chance to look like the good guys.

In walks dad ( Key) who has an antenna for natural justice.. He sees through the arse covering , the obfuscation and blame game and makes the only call he can, foul against the Maori Party.

He give them advantage and says Play On.


We are left in thrall.

We have had a cock up . Fibs.

We have a leader who acknowledges the cock up.

He applies natural justice and sorts it.

Egos are dented. Behind the scenes there have been tears, and stamping of feet.

But the good thing, the very best thing, is that everyone is still playing in the sandpit.
Finally, in John Key we have a leader, who despite the worst of arguments can sort out the shit and get everyone working together for the sake of our nation.

Is that good or what!


alex Masterley said...

I bet that behind the scenes some ears have been boxed by the boss as well.

Marty Mars said...

It certainly is good to see key say sorry to sharples for a change.

Sally said...

I am surprised at your post. Me thinks there is more to this sorry saga than what has been spun.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is great and that is Labour's biggest problem. There is nothing they can do that will touch or hurt John Key. No wonder they are are 28% and slipping.

LAMBCUT said...

Lambcut has watched BB’s career as a wordsmith with amazement, affection and natural deserved pride ever since BB launched it in her late teens. However, in her early days, as a young journalist, BB very occasionally wrote unmitigated and pompous drivel. “Plans” were often “afoot” and there was frequently a “plethora” of whatever crap was on the go at the time. Lamb, who was at that time a full time sheep and cattle farmer used to take it upon her overweening self to act the critic, and would phone BB to say, “are you fucken serious”? “Jesus”! “The great unwashed won’t get you, and why should they have to” - and, various other well placed criticism of that nature.

Lamb hasn’t seen such crap from BB for a while. But here it is surfacing again from the grandiose verbosity of a working class fisherman’s daughter. Eschew obfuscation beloved sister. Again I say, eschew it!