Thursday, 15 October 2009


Bummer it looks like Nick is in a bit of schtuck over his comments over ACC suicide payments being a bit of an incentive for people to kill themselves. We reckon he is bloody right. We are in a recession and its logical that the idea you can top yourself and the state will provide for your kids and missus would be something you would think about. We are very staunch on the individuals right to top themselves whenever they want but there is no way that we think the state should pay.

Now the big problem for Smith is that he has two of the most significant and controversial pieces of legislation in ACC and Climate Change needing to be bedded in. And like the Rugby World Cup debacle it seems that the governments cross party relations are a little shaggy. They need to appoint someone and quick to manage the interparty relationships. We also understand that Smiths management of these issues is also starting to worry Key. As well it should.

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