Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Its not often we get one over the Herald but this week we did. We here at Roarprawn signalled on Saturday that TVNZ was due to put up a bid to counter the rugby World Cup bid of TVNZ.

Patrick Gower is a fine young reporter and he fleshes out our story here today.

What we dont like is that TV3 is involved... Why? Whats the reasoning? Its the question Gower hasn't ansked and needed to be answered. We said originally that any money being fed to Tv3 would end up in the coffers of their Aussie financiers...

So why not a joint bid by the two stations tied to the state?


Anonymous said...

It begs the question why would the government fork out taxpayer dollars to help TV3 a commercial enterprise owned by foreigners win the free to air rights? And why would they spend money to bid against another of their own public broadcasters thats being bank rolled by them upping the price that they will spend?

spot said...

"Why? Whats the reasoning? Its the question Gower hasn't ansked and needed to be answered"

Very good question, and the answer might in part end up reflecting some of the recent/pending changes in TVNZ's charter commitments (or dropping thereof).

With NZOA in the mix, contestability for local programming funds etc etc - maybe the Govt is getting a bit nervous about 'skewing the field' in anyone's favour and is wanting to forcibly share the love?

It's all very, very weird.

We'd have to see the details around the actual 16 games plus understand other rights options/restrictions (net, mobile, 'live' etc) to really assess if there's any money to be made from this.

BB - re TVNZ's finances, yes, not healthy now, come 1st Jan 2011 TVNZ will (hope to) reap the upside of the changes in ad-agency commission structure (down to some 10%) - that will (in theory) make a huge difference to their current financial situation. Funny thing about theories though.....