Thursday, 1 October 2009


NZTE - New Zealand Trade and Industry. The gloaty government agency is widely regarded around the Wellington public sector traps as the department of puffery. They spend heaps on crap , less on measuring it and look real flash poncing around in the name of increasing trade opportunities. Now it hasn't all been bad - there have been a few good initiatives. However they have generally been held in contempt by the doing departments, for nearly a decade.

And it was expected that this government would look at folding some of their functions into MFAT.
So it no surprise that we see that NZTE boss Tim Gibson resign today... we wonder if this slightly earlier departure than expected had something to do with the fact that the NZTE New Zealand International Business Awards last night were not flash. Apparently the night was plagued by technical glitches and was as one insider said - not a good look for the department famous for creating good looks.

So with the departure of Gibson will the Government seize the opportunity to make NZTE the MiniMe of MFAT?


Anonymous said...

What public sector department doesn't spend heaps on crap?

Tell us who the doing departments in the public sector are?

The aim of the awards and most of NZTE activity is about promoting NZ business rather than NZTE.

Anonymous said...

poor form BB

you missed out about the cool companies who got awards and recognised by the 500 peers that were present

and as for the always legendary aftermatch function - guess your invite was lost in the post.

Yeah a couple of the AV clips lost sound, that sounds more like a 40% discount from the event company than a major cock-up to me.

But, if thats how you want to spin it, I reckon this is the best example of accountability you could want, should even draw a tear from the eye of the jaded blonde that a CEO would fall on his sword immediately faced by such a catastrophe...