Sunday, 25 October 2009


Our father, who is relatively well known for his un PC take on life often refers to sunglasses as Maori portholes. Now cos he is a Maori he can get away with it.

Today we wore our flash 5 year old Maori portholes with pride after they rated a mention in the NZ Herald on an article on Bob Jones.

Our encounter with Jones a week ago is documented here.

However despite the fact that Jones can be a rude and obnoxious old git, we are absolutely delighted he is going to stir up next years Wellington City Council race.
Hell- a bloody loo - ya.

We have been hearing that a good team is being readied. Excellent. We want to see business savvy, creative people who can take the city to the next level.

We also agree with Jone's idea to ban all cars in the central city and turn it into a bloody great promenade and mall.

Wellington local body elections are always so bloody boring and Jones is just the bastard to spice them up. Hell we might even take off our sunglasses to attend the launch..

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LAMBCUT said...

Porthole to sycophancy! The Magnificently Busted One is a sucker for men with money and power. Even silly old toads like Jones, who should be shot with a ball of his own shit.