Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Roy Morgan Poll

  • National 57.5% (+6.0%)
  • Labour 28.0% (-5.5%)
  • Green 6.5% (-1.0%)
  • ACT 1.5% (-0.5%)
  • Maori 2.5% (nc)
  • United Future 1.0% (+1.0%)
  • Progressive 0.0% (-0.5%)
  • NZ First 2.0% (-0.5%)

The Nats are up and Labour is down. But far be it be said, that this is a reflection on pallid leadership by Goff. Au contraire. Our sources say that Goff and Maryan Streets support in the USA have been invaluable in cementing trade and diplomatic ties. So while the Labour Party support may be withering on the vine at home, Labour supporters should be lauding Goff and Street for playing so nicely with the Nats for the good of our exporters and indeed the nation.

In fact Goffs selfless support for National means, that on the world stage at least , in everything but name - we have a Grand Coalition.

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