Tuesday, 27 October 2009


We were delighted to hear today that former Ngai Tahu CE Tahu Potiki is to represent Otakau at The Table , the tribes ruling council.

Tahu is an abrasive, arrogant big shit but he does have a good head on his shoulders and the will to see the tribe head in a better direction. He will need to marshall all his best qualities to help turn the ruling council into the governing body the iwi needs to take advantage of its unique position in the South Island economy.

Tahu is set to play an important role in bringing some cohesiveness and good governance to the tribe.
We are hoping for a few more new more representatives to take their places at what will be a pivotal time in the tribes development. This is not a job for one alone. It will require all representatives to work together..

We need leaders who will start the tribe looking forward, not back and bear no grudges, people who will stand the iwi on its collective feet and stop relying on government hand outs to fill the tribal coffers.

We need our leaders to work across Maoridom to give us the economies of scale to take advantage of the opportunities that are on offer.

We want the tribes economic performance based on real asset growth and not on the amount of money it has wheedled out of the government.

We need leaders who give us the real warts and all version of what is happening with our collective business to give us a level of comfort and trust.

We all know that mistakes will be made but we want leaders to tell it like it is.

We, above all, want leaders who make us proud to be Ngai Tahu.


Evelyn Cook said...

It will certainly be interesting to watch the Kaiwhakahaere manage his relationship with the new member for Otakou now they are on equal footing, not employer - employee.

It is to be hoped that there are some more new members at the Table to break the impasse that seems to remain.

We live in interesting times!

Anonymous said...

BB you say "Tahu is set to play an important role in bringing some cohesiveness and good governance to the tribe." Are we talking about the same person? He has been one of the most corrosive people in recent Ngai Tahu history. This leopard is hardly likely to change his spots.
Have a look this post on my blog
Hardly the behaviour of a person who is likely bring cohesiveness and good governance

Eagle Eye said...

Yes, I agree with Evelyn it will be interesting to watch not just the kaiwhakahaere but also his devoted members at the table as to how they are going to deal with the changing table.
I can see the Kaiwhakahere counting his numbers now!!!

Anonymous said...

Richard, give credit where it's due Tahu made it as a Tront Rep following the correct process.

Are you going to continue acting childishness when other representatives are appointed by their runanga's in due course.

I thought you may-have applied for the Puketeraki tront position? but like wise you also know a lot of whanu dentified Matapura as the next Tront chairperson - he's diplomatic - doesn't look for trouble and is the prefect solution for stability

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00pm. I was a Rep for nine years It was time then to step down. I have never been critical of the Otakau voting process. Quite the reverse I think it has been the best process so far and have said so on my blog recently- comparing a not so good process; I will continue to monitor other marae I can vote on Personally I think the College is wrong and prefer, as most beneficiaries do, a direct vote.
The one thing I strived to do as a Rep was to act in the best interest of Ngai Tahu whanui. It is very clear to me that when Tahu was CEO that he and others at the table behaved in a manner that was not in the best interest of whanui

Hurunui said...

Get a Grip Richard, stepped down!...resign or be thrown out was more like it, I wonder if you ever fessed up in your horrible Blog to resigning from Holding Corp in the little paper in Malborough so it wouldn't go in the Press (you chicken)and hide from what most of us know, you and your mates were responsible for millions of dollars being lost in HC and then tried to duck and hide your way out.. when you got out in your sneaky way you have been throwing shit ever since.
Poor me, poor me, another DRINK! seems appropriate for you.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what impasse EC refers to. Since earlier this year and the failed Jon Stokes campaign it has been business as usual and TRONT has acted pretty damned responsibly in cleaning up the kind of corruption BB says she is out to expose.

If what is meant by EC is that the small number of Reps who have an agenda are about to be joined by more Reps with a similar agenda an impasse may develop or the dynamics may well swing in a different direction.

Same, same, same

Why does Mark S have the responsiblity for the big spoilt kid - Tahu took the cash as CEO and did not take on the responsibility - and don't get me wrong, not saying Mark S does not have step up but I get pretty damned tired of this pitched as a one way street.

Evelyn Cook said...

Anonymous @ 8.04
Business as usual carried on during the so-called 9-9. That didn't mean that there weren't countless examples of petty snd not so petty exchanges and actions.

My hope is that all parties will remember who they are there to represent and that they are grownups at the helm of a multi million dollar inter generational business, not children in a sandpit!

Of course, I have been wishing that for more than five years now to no good effect.

Anonymous said...

Dear EC

talk about harping back to historical things - 9-9 was years ago.

it may come again or not - but in the meantime there have been unanimous votes on some important issues - some crazy inexplicable opposition on some issues and some folks standing on principle or following runanga directions on other issues

a majority voted to change some things at NTHC and, it seems to have been a good decision

all i ask for is openness and transparency and for people to make decisions based on what right and not who will benefit

i am curious as to why BB does not think Ngai Tahu should hold the government to account for when we are collectively defrauded - we got less than 2 cents in the $ overall and then the crown chisels that as well