Monday, 5 October 2009


Heres a nice wee yarn by the budding scribes over at Whitireia.
Its got all the ingredients - big bad governement department - corrections, a hotel chain and a Maori organisation and a bunch of residents who want better for their area. The issue has been compounded by the fact that we have more crims in Jail and not enough bed space.

Its a bugger really, It is one of the most stunning pieces of real estate in New Zealand and its sad that its the home to miscreants and little else.

It's a nice piece of writing and it was good to see the young journo Daniel Simmons Ritchie get a few quotes from some interesting people.

However, we had a giggle about his grumpiness over having his pics of the prison confiscated - thats because its an offence to photograph prisons and prisoners...

And we are delighted that young Daniel wants to become a " dogged reporter" We hope he has got a bit of mongrel in him.. The media landscape needs some dogged mongrel reporters who ask hard questions.

It was a good try though. He could have sought permission to take some pics of the building through the correct channels.

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