Tuesday, 20 October 2009


We have been at home today with a small but energetic bug which spent the night trying to escape our two main orifices simultaneously.

However we did listen to a very interesting interview by Geoff Robinson on RNZ 's Morning report
It was a shocker... Apparently Helen Clark is the invisible woman - who is not fronting to answer criticisms of how the UN Development Programme is operating or not operating.

At the heart of the concerns are the rampant corruption the UNDP is infamous for.

Clark even went as far as refusing to answer questions from a particular journalist and requesting to talk another. She is becoming conspicuous for not answering questions while her colleagues in other parts of the organisation front on a regular basis. The only time the UNDP has fronted, and it was one of her minions and not her - was to talk about Samoa. But it wont front on these issues :

A scandal in Zimbabwe

A tale of Russian corruption

Trouble in Afghanistan

In New Zealand, Clark had the luxury of a sycophantic 4th estate. She has no such luxury in the United States where the underground press, blogs and indeed big news agencies wont put up with crap.

Is Clark out of her depth?

We think so..

UPDATED And Gonzo has uncovered some evidence that shows Clark has indeed gone to ground over corruption at the UNDP .


Lucy said...

She has resumed aid to North Korea as well and wont say why.

pdm said...

I am trying to remember what John Tamahere said about Clark when the pressure went on and the going got tough.

K said...

But small fish in a (very) big pond with no 'cover'...