Sunday, 18 October 2009


As we were discussing all manner of things at the rugby with all manner of people yesterday the inevitable topic of ACC came up. We expressed delight that ACT was pushing hard for workers comp to be open up to competition and surprise that no-one was tackling the big elephant in the room - the cost on initial doctors visits.

We worked on a plan to restructure ACC way back in 1992. The issues have not changed. And it was clear then if you wanted to arrest the costs you had to start with the initial visits and get people to stump up with the initial cost. It also acted as a disincentive to complain about minor crap.

So we are delighted that the Sunday Star Times has reveled that this is on the agenda. Its the most logical and cost effective way to harness the ballooning costs.

So here's the supposed hidden agenda ( although it looks like a briefing paper with a few recommendations and options)

The ACC's hidden agenda:

  • Introduce a $100 excess on every claim.
  • Reduce income compensation from 80% to 70% after one year and 60% after two.
  • Impose a two-year limit on compensation for soft tissue injuries, such as back pain.
  • Introduce wider surveillance powers for ACC investigators to stamp out fraud.
  • Legislate to make it easier to get workers back to work.

We cant find fault with any of that.


gravedodger said...

I agree with your take BB and I would add a part charge on Physio treatment and see how many took it up then. The old adage "treat a cold, it is better in seven days leave it alone and it will be better in a week" may apply to many soft tissue injuries. How many patients have to have their physio treatment early in the day to leave more time for fishing, odd jobs or other important things later.

JC said...

The simplest route is to make it a workers comp system, and non workers go back on the welfare system.

That way workers and employers pay for themselves, not the non workers.


Anonymous said...

Bloody silly but started marathon training for London in April 2010 and at the old age of over 50 got a few pains.
Went to the local "fixer" and was invited to have as many sessions I thought was needed. All on ACC.

The knee problem moved to the ankle and I had a hell of a job convincing them that it was not a ACC problem.

In the end just told them to get ....... paid the bill myself and walked out.
The hand brake does the massage etc for nothing. Well almost.
Blue Coast.