Friday, 9 October 2009


We wonder if the greatest political trougher in living legend has finally lost his marbles. Winston has given a speech to the Kawarau and Districts branch of Grey Power. Wow, now thats an influential group if ever there was.

He is making a play for a return to centre stage.

Interesting really, when we hear that many of his old colleagues are getting all sweaty because of intense police scrutiny.

His speech is peppered with Winstonisms and marshmallow racism ( Winston is chocolate on the outside but squishy white inside) with phrases like "Tsunami of Immigrants"

He talks about the lack of integrity of some politicians... Ahhh Winston , Winston , we remember the night at Nicolinis... Do you?

And we also know where there are four boxes of documents, where the futures of many including Winston still rest.

Will this make Eumenides wake from the slumber?

So if Winston wants to comeback - good - we have been really bored.


Anonymous said...

Oh you know you kiss him!

Anonymous said...

...i meant miss him...honest!

Anonymous said...

"Oh you know you kiss him!"

LOL beautiful freudian slip describing Winston and the media!!!!!!!!

Sally said...

Why does Key remain silent on establishing our own INDEPENDENT COMMISSION AGAINST CORRUPTION?