Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Whale penis leather.... Now we know why the Japanese really want whales. Their pizzles.

Funny thing is a few ( actually many ) years back we looked at the seal pizzle trade. It was very big in some countries but more as an aphrodisiac but as a food as well. And as you can see at two hundred quid a plate - it was a lucrative trade.
We are also aware that our cousins in the deep south are putting together a case to harvest seals around Stewart Island as their numbers are such that they are becoming a nuisance
So the Ruskies have bought out the most expensive SUV in history.. The Prombron. Its reeks of testosterone and its seats are carefully and artfully upholstered in whale penis leather.


Lewis Holden said...

It's still Russian. Probably as reliable as a Lada.

JC said...

I remember when the 4x4 version, the Niva came out.

Our outfit bought one and we gave it to our most accident prone driver (his best was three crashes in a day).

Sure enough they found him upside down on the side of the highway a few weeks later. He was shaken (not stirred) and the Niva was just fine.. we bought another half dozen Nivas :)


CW said...

Lada's are strong, reliable utilitarian vehicles... Very Russian