Tuesday, 20 October 2009


It appears that whales off the Queensland coast ( an estimated 13,000 of them) are causing some angst among authorities who are rounding up dead whales and hiding them in a bay among the mangroves in an area well known for commerical fishing, but away from the dewy eyes of tourists.

Its also interesting to note that the whale population there, is increasing by 10 percent which would indicate a healthy thriving species. More are dying because there are , well more of them or it could be that the population has reached a point where there are too many competing for too little food.

However the death of the whales along the Queensland Coast is nothing compared to the impending death of an rare and endangered species Whalelovii Nuttersrus, aka the silly bastards who are heading down to the Great Southern Ocean to stop the Japanese from killing a few whales so they can look at their entrails.

These guys are famous for going around the world in their fancy speed boat. But they did it the easy way - they followed the equator ducking thru the Panama and apart from killing some poor innocent bastard on the way , the trip was a milk run.

However we are firmly of the view that the journey in largely calm waters will in no way prepare them for Neptunes wrath in the Deep South Blue. Its hell down there.

And we hope that Nick Smith makes changes to the ACC legislation
that puts and end to suicide being treated as an accident and providing for payouts to surviving dependents. These guys are hell bent on going down to annoy some fishermen going about their lawful business and its likely the eco nutters will die in the process - Its a suicide mission and they are doing it on purpose and there is no way we want to see our tax dollars go anywhere near any dependents.

And if they die the Japanese should tow them out of the way and tuck them behind the nearest iceberg - the same way the Queensland authorities dealt to the annoying and unsightly dead whales.


Anonymous said...

Yep, these idiots are as batty as Bob Jones.

LAMBCUT said...

ACC was a form of insurance designed to keep litigious action to a minimum and give universal access to compensation that had not been universally available through the courts previously. My view is that ACC is a bit of a flop, having said that, we are stuck with the system, for now.

Taxpayer and other contributions are nothing more or less than insurance premiums. Insurance is a hedge against risk. For insurance to work there has to be an element of risk for the respective parties to wager upon. For example, when you take out life insurance, you are betting you will die before you have paid more in premiums than the expected payout in the event of your death. The insurance company is betting you won’t. If you are of sound mind, you hope the insurance company wins. In the entire approximately 300 year history of the modern concept of insurance, insurance actuaries have, quite reasonably, never wagered upon certain losses. It goes against the fundamental philosophy of the concept. The act of suicide is a certain loss, foreseeable by one party to the exchange and payable to their estate. Regardless of the tragedy and sadness surrounding such events there is no sound reason why taxpayers should pick up the tab. On that basis, BB’s thinking is spot on, as usual.

kehua said...

Is this the same whaka that has been dumped behind a shed in a Helensville swamp for the past yonks or so ?