Thursday, 1 October 2009


We think that its also the governments plan . We have for some time believed, like TransTasman, that we are as a Nation, are on the cusp of a period of extraordinary transformational change.

The paper says our future centres on our relationship with Aussie, Using energy as a transformational platform for economic growth, planting more trees , leading the development of sensible environmental policy, sorting out the Pacific, sorting out our fragmented research industry, broadband, and digging ourselves out of a fiscal hole quickly.

It is a well thought out White Paper and gives a voice to the thoughts of many.

What it needs to light the fire , the paper says is for the government to make some bold moves soon. We agree, we have seen some evidence that the government has a good plan, the broadband option that stopped the Telecom monopoly that could have crippled the competition needed to give customers the best deal. Groser is leading some fascinating policy ideas on climate change and agricultural emissions.

And the government has started the debate on what lies beneath and how best we can harness it and protect our environmental values.

So we reckon much of the white paper is in train. What we need now is for the government to articulate that grand plan and make it the catchcry of all New Zealanders. New Zealand the future today.

A Road Map for Transforming Nz Inc

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