Monday, 5 October 2009


We are delighted to see that the appalling Crafar farms are in the hands of the receivers.

The whole country has been disgusted at the welfare issues surrounding this operation which were brought to the attention of the nation by the blogger journalists Brian Spondre and Bernard Hickey.

However, we are even more appalled that the socialists over at Red Alert reckon that the Crafar farms be sorted out by Landcorp. Now as much as we have much admiration for the stirling management of Landcorp by Chris Kelly, its a bloody stupid idea.

Although we love this line :

Jim Sutton the Chair and Chris Kelly the CEO are both drier than a Hawkes Bay drought but in the end pragmatic and very good at hard negotiations.

It shows that an acute lack of understanding of the business dynamic. The farms need to be sold on the open market and the receiver will undoubtedly work out if they are better kept as one operation or sold as individual lots.

Good farmers will ensure good practices are put in place and restore the farms to high producing sustainable farms. Its simple really, as good farm practices ultimately mean better returns.

There is no benefit in Landcorp being involved. Just in case you haven't noticed Trevor , the Nanny days are over .

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pdm said...

Sounds like the first thing the receivers need to do is get some top dairy farmers to look over the farms, sack a few managers and appoint some competent overseers who have good stock handling and stock management skills.

They can sell the farms after they get the stock management and animal health problems fixed. Everyone should then benefit - except the Crafer owners who will probably be raped by the receivers fees.