Monday, 19 October 2009


Well it seems that everyone was a winner and a loser in the game to broadcast the free to air Rugby World Cup.

Everyone gets a piece of the cream pie in a compromise that sees a simulcast of the big games.

Its an interesting way to do things and the first time in our memory we have an event being covered by all channels.

Its got to be a good thing.

Our biggest gripe in this whole affair was the way that some people responded to the Maori bid which we still firmly believe had a whiff of racism about it. We are glad that is now behind us as a country and we can get on and showcase our nation to the world.

We think that MTV has shown with events like Anzac Day coverage that it can do a fantastic job of whipping up National pride and produce high quality we co-ordinated coverage. Some big names are already being touted to front so it may well be that MTV gets a lot of support because their coverage will be more entertaining and interesting than the other channels.

Now we just need the rest of the World Cup organisation to start revving things up.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The quality of programme, both content and style, on MTV is far and away superior to the junk shown on TV 1, TV2, TV3 and Prime.

I's like to see a consortium of Iwi buy MTV from the gummint, contest all the contestable funding available and turn it into a first rate, commercial, highly rated success.

JUst as Messrs Turia and Sharples have turned a ragtag, much despised radical movement into a respected, capable and successful political party.