Saturday, 3 October 2009


We have spent the afternoon lounging about in the provinces, checking on the lamb chops, and the river, as you do in the provinces. And we got to thinking.

We think that while Bill English is doing okay as Finance Minister, it is clear that Joyce is the De Facto Deputy Prime Minister. We haven't seen a bad word written about him or his policy decisions and strategies for some time. He is setting the economic transformation agenda. Patrick Gower says he is Keys right hand man but we think that he is more than that. He is a leader. He is inspiring many business leaders by his pragmatic approach and easy manner. He is not just a politicians politician , he is a businessman's politician. And he is not a gloaty noter. Just a very smart, slightly nerdy good bugger. He, like Key know all about the real world and business and it has created a very strong bond between them , on an intellectual, social and political level. And they like each other. Partnerships like that are rare.

We reckon odds on, he will one day lead the country..


Redbaiter said...

He's not even elected for chrissake, and Key and his "team" are nothing but a damn disgrace. Cheer your damn head off if you choose. It won't change the fact that there is a growing sense of disapointment and betrayal with National's racist and leftist political direction. I reckon this idiot is responsible ofr a big part of that backlash. How many points did they drop in the last poll??

I don't care what you tell me, this country does not need politicians who think like Joyce or Key. They're light years away from doing what they should be doing.

gravedodger said...

I can see that R B wants the Nactional government to do a Douglass and/or a Richardson and soet the whole thing out quick smart but the more pragmatic approach is good management now and make changes when they can . I for one am comfortable this approach and I agree that Joyce and Key are driving and like it or not they need English's experience. Even the thick socialists can see this and they found a good point to attack by going for English's use of the legally provided accommodation assistance that many of the socialists had used for years. Yes it looked bad for English but he had higher priorities for his time and let the attack get through but unlike Mallard, Hodgson and their mates he put it right if a little late. I assume R B you want a self destruct like the boxer last night, therefore my question is why.

Lucy said...

You will have to forgive RB. He is passionate and frustrated. I share his frustration however I think Joyce may prove to be someone to watch.

English and Smith were never going to be anything other than polies with a personal barrow to push and not to be trusted.
Key has turned out to be a major dissapointment. In tryimg to appease everyone he will find that he has managed to alinate his primary support base. Bad move.