Saturday, 7 March 2009


Cactus, has what is for her a pretty tame piece on the return of Holmes to TVNZ on the Replacement for the Sunday political show called Q and A.

We were hoping for a cross between the frenetic Back Benchers and Agenda with a bit of NewsBoy chucked in for good measure. We will put aside some time for cross stitch on Sunday mornings now. We agree that Political chick Therese Arseneau is crap. We reckon she was a girly swat who always sucked up to her teacher. They should use Deb Hill Cone or Cactus - then we would have some bloody fun. And Guyon is just wrong. Ralston would have been waaay better.

InquiringMind does what he does best - inquire - his pieces on Immigration and Defence are worth a browse.

And the Best blog ???? Well not strictly speaking a blog but it often has good stories
The Whitireia journo students posted A story titled "Size matters for Victoria Brothel."
But its gone, disappeared into the ether- we think thats got to be a good story.


Anonymous said...

C'mon TV3....please!

Cactus Kate said...

Not a good idea BB.

I would have trouble not reaching across and throttling Phil Goff, sometimes John Key, the Greenies, the Maori activists and Peter Dunne.

It won't be very good for that one shot you get at diversion would it?

Cactus Kate said...

Hooton should be on the show as a regular though.

That would be proper.