Thursday, 26 March 2009


Today we were saddened but not surprised at the departure of Andrew Harrison the Chief Operating officer for Ngai Tahu Group Holdings.

Andrew was very well regarded throughout the New Zealand business community and one business leader suggested today that if Ngai Tahu was a publicly listed company, the news "would have wiped ten percent of the share price "

Ngai Tahu have lost two good and true stewards of their assets with the departure of Wally Stone and Andrew. Two men, who were the concrete cornerstones of the Ngai Tahu commercial arm known as Ngai Tahu Holdings.

Again we reiterate that Mark Solomon needs to step aside.

We hope he gets a serious bollocking in Bluff this weekend.

Attached is the press release sent out by Ngai Tahu.

Media Statement Ngai Tahu


Evelyn Cook said...

I hope Andrew chose to leave, not that the choice was made for him but I somehow feel that his position would have been untenable given the well-signalled intention of TRONT and OTRONT to interfere in the operational decisions as opposed to the policy and values positions, of NTHC.

I am grateful to Andrew for his work for the iwi, especially given the current circumstances but especially, on a personal level, for his courteous, helpful and pleasant demeanour on each and every occasion I had cause to interact with him. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

Ngāi Tahu has benefitted from his work on our behalf. I hope we don't come to regret this day.

Anonymous said...

more sad news for the tribe. And more reason for the banks to continue to get jittery.
I guess this will be laid at the feet of the rebellious chairs also.
Although I seem to remember Andrew Harrison's departure was predicted in a certain Gray report.

The national and international economies are in decline and Ngai Tahu are now commercially rudderless.
What does it take for the right heads to roll?

Whanau said...

I completlt tautoko that! What is is going to take......... the Grey report was clear in regard to tits intentions for this man! We are now at the mercy of less qualified & without doubt less competent people to look after the assets of our Mokopuna. I agree that the blame for the banks reaction & wariness should sit squarely on the shoulders of those whom were part of the Grey report!!

Its not rocket science Mark........ you have to take responsibility for the seeds you so haphazardly sown!

Anonymous said...

I too find it amusing that the "tight 5" or the "so called leaders" as they are called have been mentioned with this also. Do we all really think that these chairs whom have certainly made themselves known as opposrers of Mark are responsible for things of this nature?? Will they be named by Mark & his cohorts as responsible in some way for this???

As with the banks reaction will these so called "rebels" be named as part of this sad loss? Who will we be left with??

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see Andrew go. But how many times have employees left in sympathy for their departed bosses - if that is the case.

TRONT democratically agreed to get rid of Stone - a nice guy but that's life. The tight five got their knickers in a twist and tried to boot Mark out. They failed and now will have us believe that any bad thing that happens in Ngai Tahu should be followed by Mark's sacking.

You know I recall members of the tight 5 bleeding on about an "out of control" Tahu Potiki. Would they want his return, or would they advocate for the instability of Tum - his bro might be a better option but even then you might ask questions.

Lets get real the people want Mark as Kaiwhakahaere, stop putting half baked spins on every piece of Ngai Tahu news. Busted Blond we know who you are, and we know you are a useless spin doctor. Go back to nursing

bustedblonde said...

hell, anyone who is reads the last comment and who knows me - its no real secret - knows I have never been a nurse. Have been many things but never a nurse....

Anonymous said...

I am sure the banks as with everyone else knows that no organisation is dependent on one or two people.

If Ngai Tahu was then the tribe was done a huge dis-service. The remaining independent directors are highly regarded as are the GMs of Tourism and Property. There are other very capable people on both sides of the organisation.

I hope Evelyn is right about what an honourable chap Andrew is. I would not like to think he is just the latest in a long line of upper management executive types who have left a payout that would fund three or four runanga for a year.

If he has left without taking us all for a ride then I wish him well. Otherwise...

It is time we ended this culture of expecting to be paid to go. When your time is up, for whatever reason, just move on.

As a people we have paid millions over the years to get rid of people most of whom were totally undeserving. Some had the cheek to turn up within days on contract.

Of course if Andrew has been paid out we will not get told and the only clue will be in the annual report if it can't be hidden somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Harrison was named as someone who must go in a report written by a general manager in the office at the instigation of anake Goodall.
The report was emailed to either himself of one of his subordinates.
He has probably one of the most clear cut constructuve dismissal cases any employment lawyer could ever hope for.
He has worked very productively for the tribe for 6 years in very senior positions.
His crime maybe that he respected his chair a little too much for some.
Now he is smeared by suggestions he took a payout?
If he did, so he damn well should.
That there is even an attempt to shame or smear him because if it, highlights what a disgraceful attitude those who support the status quo have.

It is clear no facts, dismissals, distortions, debate, logic, will sway some within the tribe.

no wonder those looking in on the tribe's affairs now simply think Ngai Tahu deserve everything they get.

I suspect this is why Andrew Harrison wont be the last to leave what is clearly dysfunction, supported by blind ignorance.

whakapapa said...

Again we embarrass ourselves as a iwi by not taking into account the reality of the situation, yes Andrew Harrison had EVERY right to take the tribe to the cleaners & he could have with real consequences...... he could have done it publicly & in the media, but he didn't & now narrow minded people comment on him in a derogatory sense if he did take a payout!! I believe we have again been blessed with the sacking of a good man, had Andrew or Wally for that matter been different men I am sure we would have seen their "case" all over the headlines.

It is so clear to see as an outsider looking in where the problem lies, it lies with a select few whom completely disregard the people they are charged to SERVE!!!

Also anonymous, I would like to say to you & your ugly comments to busted blonde, your claims of knowing who she is & that a "spin doctor" she is, I LOVE being able to read the info she makes available to me as whanaui & I even like being able to have a say! So please keep your ridiculous comments to yourself, the solution is simple, nobody is holding a gun to your head (at least I hope not) so just dont visit this site!!