Saturday, 21 March 2009


Sorry but what business experience has Solomon got? Why do we keep trotting out the same tired old boars who have been drinking at the tribal troughs for a decade ?

There are dozens of successful Ngai Tahu business people who should be on this taskforce before Solomon. And Tamihere's inclusion on this is just a bloody insult to every good moral person in in this country - Now why did he get not get re- elected again? Fiscal Prudence is not one of Tamihere's strong suits.

Sorry but we reckon the Maori Party had a chance to put some fresh blood on this Taskforce - instead the roll out the same tired old faces who have to sit along side a few people who have cut the mustard.

No more cuzzy bro favouritism please!

We didn't expect this sort of crap from the Maori Party and we hope it is not a portent of a continual roll out of the same passengers on the same old brown gravy train.

The Minister of Maori Affairs, Dr Pita Sharples, has asked seven iwi and
business leaders to head a Taskforce on how Maori can avoid the worst impacts of
the recession, and strengthen the Maori economy in the longer term.
"I am
very pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Solomon, Ngahiwi Tomoana,
Bentham Ohia, Daphne Luke, John Tamihere, June McCabe and Rob McLeod to lead
this work for two years," said Dr Sharples.
"These seven movers and shakers
in Maoridom have particular expertise in tribal asset development, the primary
sector, education and training, small to medium enterprises, social and
community development, investment and enterprise, and economic growth and
infrastructure," he said.
"Together they make up a balanced team with wide
networks and diverse interests, and they have the knowledge and experience to
deliver results in the face of the huge economic challenges facing our nation.
The key to our success is co-operation, and this team can achieve that for
"The Taskforce will follow through on the ideas that emerged at the
Maori economic workshop I called in January. I have set aside $4.5 million per
annum for the Taskforce to work with. At the same time the Taskforce will lead
rapid responses to the outcomes of Prime Minister's jobs summit.
"The PM's
Jobs Summit emphasised interdepartmental co-operation, and this task force is
expecting to follow that approach as well. Some projects may be taken up by
other agencies with Maori clients," said Dr Sharples.
"The task force will be
backed by a small secretariat in Te Puni Kokiri, with a private secretary right
in my office. Members will be expected to maintain their own networks to gather
information and co-ordinate responses from flax roots and iwi organisations
around the country," he said.

Rangi wept.

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