Thursday, 12 March 2009


We like to think of ourselves as early adapters here at Roarprawn, we like new gadgets and gizmos and keep a pretty close eye on new developments on the net. We twitter and ping and facebook. We play with all sorts of widgets that add functionality to Roarprawn.
Our latest little foray is Powershop. We are a Powershop Pioneer.
They reckon they can help us save money on our powerbill. We like that - it means we have more money to buy better bubbles when Cactus comes to visit. And that girl only drinks really good bubbles .

So anyway, a testing station and blog feedback has been set up by Scoop.

One of the things we have discovered already is that they do all the paperwork for the transfer from our current supplier Genesis to Powershop. We really like that.

Anyone who has tried to change power companies, banks, credit cards and phone companies will know that this is never easy.

So Powershop gets 8/10 for that.

We will blog on our experiences from time to time.

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