Friday, 13 March 2009


Lambut is all for shoes, personally. It was disappointing to hear of the three year sentence handed down to the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George Dubya. The story was funny when we first heard it. An educated Arab bloke, with a press pass mind you, so overcome by frustration, that he took his shoes off and threw them at the world’s alpha male. But, three years in an Iraqi prison is no joke. Three years in one of our prisons wouldn’t do you much good, but, there? I doubt if many of us soft, well fed, air-conditioned, desk-driving, Kiwi occidentals would survive.

We don’t know how much influence the US occupying forces could have had on the Iraqi court, probably none, but in any event, it’s a damn shame. Sadly, we have become accustomed to terrifyingly violent protest from that part of the world. So, any efforts by our Semitic brethren to release political frustration in symbolic and non-fatal protest should be heartily encouraged by politically mature peppercorn punishment.


Anonymous said...

yes, of course- let's encourage everybody to throw their shoes at a HEAD OF STATE whenever they get frustrated.

I am sure the Queen would be quite happy to be the next target. Perhaps Medvedev would like to volunteer as well.

It is not the victim of this assault (with a weapon) that was the issue, it was the fact that he was the Head of State of a Sovereign Nation. That position is due respect, regardless of whether one agrees or not with their politics. Had it been a simple politician then maybe your allowance of an assault by shoe (which if I did to my partner would get me in a great deal of hot water) would be ok. But this wasn't.

LAMBCUT said...

Ohh get a sense of proportion, Anonymous. Leila Deen could not even get herself arrested when she threw, and hit, Lord Mandelson with green custard recently. It's a sense of proportion that is needed. The disproportionately severe three year sentence has called the infant US backed democratic Iraqi government into disrepute. Check out the reaction there.

On the separate note of you and your partner, if you threw shoes at her, and missed or caused no harm, (though technically a common assault), I very much doubt if the police would be interested. Again, a sense of proportion is required.