Thursday, 26 March 2009


We have been lucky to have dined here and there in the last few weeks.

First up - our old favourite - Zicos a wonderful Italian restaurant in Courtney Place. A few old scribes meet there every so often and last week Spaz gave us all a treat and shouted us some lobster entree. It was superb. As was were the Bluff oysters.

Next it was Tulsi - still impeccable food and the service is some of the friendliest in town. We are noticing more " suits " in the lunch time crowd - Some of the same faces we used to see when we used to frequent Dockside.

And we recently called into Main Street Deli with the Irish Lass and had a superb breakfast of French toast . It was indulgent and a treat and the coffee was strong without being bitter.

The other nite we ended up at St Johns
- it was oysters and whitebait all round for canapes. For Entree they served a lovely Alaskan Crab on a crab mousse. Our main was a done to perfection crispy skinned baby snapper on a cauliflower puree - it was bliss.

Dessert was a marsala poached pear encased in filo in a butterscotch sauce with pistachio ice cream, delicately sumptuous.

Peregrine Pinot Noir and a stunning sauvignon blanc with a name we cant find on their wine list but sounded like Staedel and it was from Marlborough. It was very different and very very yum. It has all the acid and fruit of a Marlborough Sav but had a hint of oak.
And yip we do not confess to being a wine expert but everyone loved it.

And finally today we dined at the Green Man - not really my cup of tea . I'm not a fan of soggy pizza. However the rest of the team liked their meals which were a Caesar salad, and burgers. The place is a riot of mismatched kitsch. Give me D4 any day.


Lucy said...

For me reading this is sheer torture!!!!!!!!!

I want some.

Anonymous said...

Cuzzy. What do you mean "used to frequent" Dockside. haaa haaa haha ha haaa. You very funny

Mark said...

D4 is one of my favorite places to go for a beer, except the balcony is too small.