Sunday, 22 March 2009


Here is the latest report from Solomon. We would like to hear the views of others who attended.

Message to Ngai Tahu Whanui 20090321


Anonymous said...

When the chips were down Ngai Tahu opted for a TRONT that voted on a majority rules basis. Over the years the whanui have supported this principle.

The whanui also supported the voting in of TRONT delegates by runanga members, even though Ngai Tahu is now moving to a convuluted electoral system based on the US style (heaven help the indigenous peoples).

The whanui rejected the "tight five" and biffed them out on their collective ears. They are now rejecting their reincarnation lead by Tahu Potiki.

Mark Solomon was not voted out in Kaikoura, was supported at Rehua, and is supported by the wider Ngai Tahu whanui.

The iwi are not fools, they are not so easily conned by PR strategies and spin doctoring; and they no who they trust - and who they don't trust.

Anonymous said...

The college system has always been in the Ngai Tahu Act 1996. That is the only method of voting allowed. The interesting point is how the college method got into the Act in the first place. Publishing a piece about this in my blog shortly There is also the crazy system of being able to vote on muliple marae. One person, one vote, one marae. That happens at Ngati Porou. If you are not sure where you wish to vote. Ask yourself "Where will I be buried?"
Richard Parata

Anonymous said...

Yes! - it is reassuring to know Ngai Tahu whanui are not conned by PR.
Oh hang on, who wrote Mark's little PR speal above?

And who has drafted all the documents and releases and emails to whanuimembers in the last month, well actually probably 10 years?
And how has it been distributed? By using the tribal server and the internal communication machine.

Was it Mark? Did the man who stood up at Rehua, sound like the thoughtful well worded author of the above release?

Let me think. Seven chairs, all with day jobs, and no budget. Who asked a former journo to draft a communications strategy.
Now they are opposed by a $600 million coporate, with a team of communications staff, and also a legal, financial, and senior executive team.

Oh and the man leading this earns more than each rununga receives annually.

Yes it is clear the people cant be fooled!

They do seem to however be easily influenced into forgetting.
It seems that all the recent coverage was just a media scam perpetuated by ratbags.

And lets have a quick review.

Wally Stone was sacked. period.
The House of Tahu was approved. period
Mark Solomon and Donald Couch DID get pay rises recently. (Donalded has admitted this publicly, although Mark has fudged it)

There was a hate campaign anyone thought to be involved in the recent media coverage.

And yes Mark did send an abusive email to his rununga executive.

So yes, you are right anonymous above. The people cant be fooled.
How fortunate for Mark.