Wednesday, 11 March 2009


We are one of only a few New Zealanders who have had opportunity to handle a kakapo. We dribbled. We did not cry as the rest of the party of VIP's did, we just dribbled. Dribbled as we dreamed of gently roasted parrot with piko piko and vogels ancient grain stuffing basted in port laced with titoki berries, served on a bed of maori spud mash surrounded by sauted porchini mushrooms. All washed down with a bottle of Olssen's Jackson Barry Pinot Noir.

You see we reckoned the reason the buggers died out is because they were the finest tasting flying protein to ever grace Aotearoa. So while we think that they should be saved its because we think they should be cloned and bred for eating.

They would rival Bluff oysters as an iconic dish.

Its taken ten years and millions and millions of dollars to get to 100 of the fat delectable, succulent parrots that are big enough to feed four people.

However, unless they are cloned we think that they are doomed. They are picky about shagging, picky about what they eat and picky about where they live. The only thing we are picky about is the meat on their bones.



When I was working in Dargaville some years back, I heard a story that the Maori kids at one of the schools near Waipoua Forest thought kiwi was tasty and like chicken.
Of course, as you suggest, the answer maybe to allow the farming of such birds, just as I recall ACT wanted some years ago.
Maybe they should have insisted on such a deal as part of the coalition agreement.
And next, let us feed on tuna-friendly Hector's Dolphin.Those little fellows look yummy too!

euminedes said...

ah yes we think hectors look very tasty as well.

homepaddock said...

When Gerry Eckhoff was an MP he promoted farming kiwis to ensure they didn't die out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is something Wally Stone could look into.