Monday, 30 March 2009


Today is H day for Wanganui. This is an issue of whether the H should be reinstated into the name of Wanganui as it is now known.

Interestingly if the Geographical Board
follows precident then it will change. It has changed many of the Ngai Tahu names to reflect the southern dialectical difference - We say K instead of Ng.. So Ngai Tahu is Kai Tahu, Aorangi is Aoraki etc etc.

Down south we also harden the P so it is pronounced B so Punga becomes Bungi, punui, Bunui, etc etc

Now we can sit on the Marae and get the general ghist of what is going down but when the locals up the Wanganui river get up - we get lost. They speak really bloody fast and the dialectical difference is bloody hard to follow.

Fowever fe still say that its a whucking big whuss whor fot is a very small issue.

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