Wednesday, 11 March 2009


This missive has been sent to all runanga advising them of the current status of the deputy chair Donald Couch.

There has been a number of questions directed to the Office recently with
respect to the position of Donald Couch, the Deputy Kaiwhakahaere. There
has also been speculation in the media that Donald had been removed as the
Representative for Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke. Being mindful of the legal
obligations and the potential legal liabilities associated with this matter, we
are currently in the process of taking formal advice. Until that
advice is received and a decision upon it can be made, Te Rūnanga's secretariat
is of the view that Donald Couch remains the Representative for Te Hapū o Ngāti
Wheke and that he also continues to hold the role of Deputy Kaiwhakahaere. This
is consistent with the position that Te Rūnanga has taken in the past in similar
situations. Noho ora mai.

We await their conclusions with interest

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