Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Wellington's newest restaurant Koi has opened quietly in the lovely space once occupied by Copita. It is part of the growing Dermot Murphy empire.

Anyway we dined there with the mustachioed (he not a she) big brown fella prawn for lunch.

He had been there before and was well versed with the menu.

For lunch you start with a range of stunning nibbly bits - We had the squid - which was the softest squid we have had in ages and then had beef tongue which was a bit chewy but tasty and chicken livers - again yum. We then tried some of the octopus sashimi - delicate and juicy!

The big brown fella had the lunch plate with mackerel. It is a lovely plate of fillets and a number of Japanese inspired condiments. You can have a vegetarian, 0r meat option. It looked yum but we opted for more squid. We had a lovely Yealands Sauvignon Blanc which was light and elegant.

We finished the meal off with a cheese board.Served simply with muscatels and figs.

We think that Dermot is on to a winner with Koi. The surroundings are lovely - warm white with touches of eastern decadence. And he has retained the lovely comfy chairs from Copita.
Koi is a little different and there are quiet elements of kiwi fusion layering the offerings. We understand that they have had a Japanese consultant in to assist with the menu.

The other feature of Dermot's foody fiefdom is the staff. They are always attentive, knowledgeable and efficient.

Anyway a mate and client was at the next table and he picked up our tab. You cant get better than that!

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