Monday, 30 March 2009


There was a rather vivid Southland saying that referred to the sized of ones boobies - " Shes got tits bigger than a Taranaki cow"
Always fascinated me how a Taranaki Cow could have more pendulous udders than the ones that the Southland cows sported but the reference was always about "Naki cows.
So it came as no surprise that in the deep south the Southland Times chose to run a feature about how important it is to get fitted for a bra. Now at the tender age of 13 being mandhandled by a woman ( she sported a Stephanie Mills) who seemed to really enjoy playing with my tiggers during my first bra fitting is one of the horrific memories of my pubescent years.

I was also the only one in my class who went straight to being encased in an underwire over- the- shoulder boulder- holder -bypassing all the slinky malinky models my mates adorned their poached eggs with.

And as you get older and gravity, that evil foe of women, tugs on your jugs , a good bra is a must.
And as long as the manthing of my past has gone to lesbian heaven, getting a good bra fitting advice is imperative.

So good on the Southland Times for giving the sheilas of the south the information they need to make their world a little bit more comfy.


Marty Mars said...

I'll bite.

You have issues BB no doubt about that. This porn may increase your blog hit rate but unfortunately you're just doing a henry - that is, insulting and objectifying others to increase your ratings and it is pretty weak.

bustedblonde said...

Wrong - I just have the ability to see the funny side of things - this blog has always been UN PC and will stay that way. The pics are not real.

The irony is that the feature article on good bra fittings was a very popular article in the Southland Times and for good reason its an issue dear to the hearts of many many women.

And the porn ( and the pics aren't porn they would have been if they had been uncovered They are just gross.)does not increase the blog ratings - eastern european politics,Stephen Jennings, scampi, winston peters, and laterly Ngai Tahu and tax do. and Bob the plumber was also very popular. adn anything to do with seafood is also keenly read.

We just thought that everyone would be coming into get some latest thoughts on politics on a monday morning and we like to suprise...

JC said...

Back in the day (Wairarapa circa 1970), we rated an over endowed girl as "Having more tit than a V8"


Anonymous said...

I'm in love!

adamsmith1922 said...

Undoubtedly she would fail the elbow test

Bryan Spondre said...

@BB: keep on posting soft-core porn , it gives me a valid excuse to look at it :-)

Avid menu reader said...

We must always remember that, as my grandson is constantly indicating, more than a mouthful is a damned good waste!

God bless the engineer who invented the Bra, and god bless Bendon for making them a fashion statement, more lingerie and less blouse I say!!

gud on yer gurl

kehua said...

Marty gobackto Mars, what a dork!