Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Lamb Cut found Labour party prez Andrew Little a bit on the dull side at the Press Club today - sounds like he has had a charisma bypass. Funny isn't it how all the new unionists are so bloody earnest these days. We remember the days of Roger Middlemass for the Meatworkers, Ray Bianci - Boiler makers, Calvin fisher, Almalgamated workers, Angela Faulkes .
They hogged the headlines, railed against the employers , drank like fish, shagged like rabbits, had fun were loud and always had a pithy comment. For journalists looking for a front page lead you only had to ring them, needle them and you had a mind sticking headline.

They are still around but they have none of the fire and brimstone of the old days. And watching the House in action today we were struck with how boring and tired Labour looked as well.

Key roared and rumbled as did English - even the gentlemanly Chris Finlayson was steely but Labour looked - well boring as boring things.

Stevie Chadwick tried very hard to look pissed off and Darrin ( my uncle is Davey ) Hughes just seemed startled and it was clear he didn't believe Goff as he stammered through a justification for keeping secret the steaming pile of fiscal faeces that is ACC.

Goff looks as out of place as Lisa Lewis in a nunnery.

They have no answers, they look listless and we know at least four are looking for jobs. It is hard to watch them and not laugh out loud as they squirm.

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Barnsley Bill said...

3 Years... Pffft. I am hoping it will be at least nine, or at least long enough for Darren to start looking like a grown up.