Thursday, 12 March 2009


We reported a week or so ago, that we thought Mark Solomon showed a degree of arrogance by calling meeting with the tribe in the tribal headquarters boardroom to discuss the growing concerns about governance. Issues that came to a head with the ousting of Wally Stone as chair of the iwi's commercial holding company Ngai Tahu Holdings.

That has changed. the meeting, because of demand and outrage over the venue has now been shifted to Rehua Marae at 2pm on Friday the 20th of March.

However, while Solomon will be attending this meeting in work time, by scheduling it on a Friday he is forcing many of his people to have to take a day off work.

So we feel yet again that this decision shows a degree of arrogance not becoming a leader.

We are also expecting that the main stream media will be canvassing a few issues over the next couple of days . We will keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

once again BB takes looks for the negative.

Mark has made himself available to attend meetings up and down the country. This is but one hui. If folks can't get to it then get together with a few others and organise one they can attend.

It seems BB is in on the orchestrated campaign to cause harm to the iwi she is a member of.

So BB publish and be damned. Don't be concerned that the lies and innuendo and constant negativity of a few is affecting the reputation of the tribe and potentially costing jobs and income. A small number of ill informed but active members of an iwi does not a crises make. However if you keep the misinformation flow going then you may eventually create the crisis you seem to crave.